(Photoshop) 17 Up on the Wall

I am a firm believer that the #17 should be retired. Mike Vacarro was even saying it yesterday. So it got me to thinking.

Im pretty good with photo shop, so why not take a glimpse into the possible future.

4 Replies to “(Photoshop) 17 Up on the Wall”

  1. While I agree somewhat on Keith and #17, a more likely player to have his number retired in my favorite Met of all time. Number 36, Jerry Koosman. Where would the Mets be without Koosman in 69 and 73? And he came up with Mets. And in an ironic twist late in his career he wanted to go back home and went to the Twins………..for……Jesse Orosco. The two players that were on the mound when Mets won their World Series.

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