The daily Mets uniform is chosen by…..

This morning I mentioned that I asked who chooses the uniform?

I’ve heard every theory under the sun and mistakenly believed some and spit venom at some people who didn’t deserve it.

Mr. Saumels, I apologize.   Charlie Samuels does not pick what the Mets wear.  Perhaps some day if we meet you will shake my hand but if not I understand.

The uniform choice (and choice of clubhouse music) goes to….

The Starting Pitcher.

Done.  End of debate.  End of speculation.  Now we know….and now we watch.  Johan, I’m looking at you.

3 Replies to “The daily Mets uniform is chosen by…..”

  1. Shocking. Now I need to start tracking. Unless someone else wants to start that Excel sheet.

  2. Shannon – I know that the tour guides at Citi have been saying the pitcher chooses the uniform, but I find it hard to believe that every Friday the pitcher chooses black and that every getaway day the pitcher chooses the road (hybrid) cap, which is what has been happening this season.

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