Most Popular on Mets Police (Father’s Day edition)

I’m back at Mets Police HQ, where my laptop wasn’t where I had left it, but I’m on the deck and have Howie on the radio so all is well.

Let’s all take off our blue caps and wave them at Media Goon for minding the store while I was gone. Nice job by Goon, and thanks to everyone who sent stuff in and made things easy.

As I get back in the flow, let’s see what was popular:

The most searched item seems to be: “keep the black mets” I assume the next word is jersey (Google just says that term was searched) and I bet people will be disappointed when they get here.

Why in the name of humidity are the Mets wearing black again?   Did Pelfrey and Santana really think that black in a daygame is a good idea?   Why make your teammates bake in the heat?  Just doesn’t seem smart.

The War Against Black Jerseys was the #2 article of the week.  Good for y’all!  Seriously, Mets Inc…look at these pictures.  CLEARLY the Pelfrey picture is better than the Dickey pic.

#1…From earlier today…Tom Seaver struck me out. Speaking of Seaver, I hate Greg Prince from Faith and Fear because his article about how dopey it was that the Mets let Seaver go again after 1983.

Mets Police was mentioned in this ESPN article about the greatest Mets pitching performances.

The Mets themselves mentioned Mets Police in a survey.  I hope you let the Mets know which blogs you read.

Apparently I was incorrect when I described this Ike Davis tee as a jersey.

Check out the box in which the Mets dump the hybrids. How about this Yankee hybrid? Or these really bizarre caps?